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Actually, most of the speech we defended didnt reflect our values. Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: former ACLU Executive Director and subject of the documentary, "Mighty Ira," joins Bill to disc. Not only were liberals over-educated dolts who loosed child killers on the world, they were wimps. For the American public radio personality, see, Last edited on 21 September 2022, at 05:19, ACLU Chief Ira Glasser to Retire in 2001; 23-Year Tenure Transformed "Liberty's Law Firm", Ira Glasser on Free Speech | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics Biography, ACLU Press-Release on Glasser's Retirement,, This page was last edited on 21 September 2022, at 05:19. "There is no social justice movement in America that has ever not needed the First Amendment to initiate its movement for justice, to sustain its movement to justice, to help its movement survive," he says. The result? Is it still that?, They just produced a couple of years ago new guidelines for their lawyers to use when deciding what free speech cases to take, the ex-ACLU man explained. Town Square with Ernie Manouse airs at 3 p.m. CT. Its imperative for us to know the history that led Ira and his colleagues to take their positions and stake out their values, he adds. Buckley is dead, but his politics are enjoying a posthumous rebrand, while Glasser has been forced to watch his ideas recast as regressive and racist. This is a requirement now for the national ACLU employers, that before they take a case defending someones free speech they have to make sure that the speech doesnt offend or threaten other civil liberties values., In other words, before theyre going to defend your free speech, they want to see what you say, a befuddled-looking Glasser continued. Suppose, however, that she has a very wealthy individual supporter who doesn't own a newspaper, but who is willing to give her the money to run a full-page ad on behalf of her candidacy. For these reasons, the ACLU opposes limits on contributions and expenditures. Everybodys in favor of free speech, as long as its theirs., Everybody has an exception, he explained. Public financing is a possible solution, but it must be sufficient and fair to all candidates: it must be structured to avoid providing advantages to incumbents and it must avoid discriminating against third party candidates. In his segment of the film, he explains to Glasser why he still thinks the ACLU was wrong to defend the right of neo-Nazis to demonstrate in Skokie and how the events in Charlottesville evoked painful memories. Privacy Policy | Ray McGovern: The Last Chance to Avoid World War III? This could be done in a variety of ways. on Is Traditional Ira Glasser-Style Liberalism Vanishing? Forget factories, coal mines, and courthouses. Okay, Im guessing the Nazis did not reflect your values., Thats a good guess, Glasser replied, to audience laughter. The original Irish Republican Army (1919-1922), often now referred to as the . The ACLU is a nationwide, non-profit organization consisting of nearly 300,000 members dedicated to protecting the principles of freedom and liberty set forth in the Bill of Rights. Theres a scene at the beginning ofMighty Ira,an elegant and thought-provoking documentary about longtime ACLU director Ira Glasser, where the movies eponymous hero walks along the grounds of Ebbets Field Apartments, home of the old Brooklyn Dodgers. Glasser then said, more seriously, If youre hiring a lawyer to defend the First Amendment, you want to have a reasonable assumption that he likes the First Amendment. Glasser is best known for his leadership of the ACLU after the organizations much-pilloried decision to represent neo-Nazis who wanted to march in a suburb of Chicago called Skokie, Illinois. Campaign finance laws were supposed to decrease all these numbers; in fact, they have all increased. What monster could agitate, in the courts, to bring about a repeat of such a scene? In an interview with Spiked, the man who was the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union from 1978 to 2001 and turned the organization into a national power slammed the organization for abandoning its core principles of defending free speech, asserting that the organization is "intellectually dishonest.". Do you want every little town to decide which speech is permitted? Glasser asked. In a statement relevant to the political tensions of today, Perrino adds, Its a generation that also knew it had to engage their ideological opponents in debate, to speak across lines of difference, in order to win their values something Ira did repeatedly with his sparring partner and friend, William F. Buckley Jr.. I mean, the most famous case, you defended the Nazis being able to march in Skokie, Illinois in 1977, Maher went on. As ACLU Director Ira Glasser put it, "it's as if you were tested and fired from your job for a drink you had at a party last Saturday night." Source: ACLU Spring 1998 National ACLU Members' Bulletin (Issue 3) - Spotlight: "Why Marijuana Law Reform Should Matter To You," by Ira Glasser. Therefore, the only way to guarantee societys safety is to empower the right people to take matters into their own hands, a blunt right-wing message that would later be tweaked for blue-leaning audiences. Glasser then explained why this trend is so dangerous. Ira comes from the old-school generation of civil libertarians: a generation that saw Jim Crow and the stark ravages of racial discrimination. The ACLU therefore supports public financing to provide a floorfor campaign expenditures in an amount sufficient to insure a fair public debate, rather than caps on contributions and expenditures, which only enhance inequality and curb speech. In 1978, Nico Perrino was only 26 when he met two giants in the history of the American Civil Liberties Union: Ira Glasser, its executive director from 1978 to 2001, and Norman Siegel, the leader of the New York Civil Liberties Union from 1985 to 2000. 2023 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Missouri woman cant watch her fathers execution, judge rules, ACLU pushes for court order over abysmal conditions in LA County Jail, The ACLUs latest step to becoming just another progressive scold at civil liberties expense, Arkansas cant ban treatment for transgender kids, appeals court rules. The thread that ran through that movie, and through hits likeDie Hard, Lethal Weapon,and even shows likeThe A-Team,was that democracy doesnt work, and the insistence on due process and rights just inhibits justice and enables bad guys. Thanks for contacting us. ira glasser political party. Jeff Cohen, who briefly played the left host in a later incarnation of the show, described theCrossfireliberal as someone who couldnt punch back.. The ad was a classic example of political speech protected by the First Amendment. The third time Joe Biden advocated for some form of Social Security benefit cuts came just five years ago while speaking at a . There was nothing particularly left or liberal about Kinsley, but he had the characteristics Hollywood and Madison Avenue associated with liberals: Jewish, nerdy, vacillating, and analytical. As a result, they tend to grasp that theyll eventually be targets of speech rollbacks. Various systems to provide adequate time on television could be established. In 1977, David Goldberger and Ira Glasser defended Nazis' rights to rally in National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, affirming in the U.S. Supreme Court that privileges under the First Amendment must extend to Democracy's most offensive ideas in order to protect its best. Its changing. His life was the subject of the 2020 documentary Mighty Ira (his nickname). final four 2022 euroleague tickets. An incumbent senator mails to his constituency for free, using the franking privilege. It sought to enjoin them from publishing such ads, and it wrote a letter toThe TimesthreateningThe Timeswith criminal prosecution if it published such an ad again. Campaign journalists, then and now, pushed the same theme. But when Ramsey Clark ran for the U.S. Senate, he voluntarily decided to limit individual contributions to his campaign to $100, and in fact, the average contribution he received was not much more than $20. In fact, he explained how defending this group of "maybe 15 or 20 crazies" helped the Civil Rights movement. The events in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 have deeply affected my generations view of free speech, Perrino says in a statement about his new film, Mighty Ira: A Civil Liberties Story.. AsMighty Iragoes to great pains to point out, minorities and the poor tended to have an easier time understanding the ACLUs Skokie decision, because the history of the wealthy using restrictive power against labor, communists, and civil rights activists is so long. "Mighty Ira," a documentary about legendary former ACLU chief Ira Glasser, is simultaneously inspiring and unnerving. The Skokie case cemented the image of the ACLU as a principled, absolute defender of free speech. Such a result would, in our view, be both unconstitutional and absurd. What did liberalism mean back then? ", The 82-year-old Glasser fears that in becoming more political and less absolutist when it comes to defending speech, the ACLU is shrugging off a hard-earned legacy. Its a generation that also saw the essentiality of free speech in fighting for racial justice, Perrino says. That is exactly what happened recently when Sam Wyly, a wealthy supporter of George W. Bush, independently spent his own money to advocate Bush's election. The ACLU represented the three defendants. I appreciate the opportunity to set forth my views and the views of the American Civil Liberties Union on the constitutional issues involved in campaign finance laws. ira glasser political partywilliam paterson university application fee waiver. He describes driving past as the baseball cathedral was torn down in 1960 and seizing up with horror, an experience like losing a parent., Now, nothing is left but a plaque in the ground where home plate once sat, and he cant process the idea that there might be washing machines doing somebodys dirty laundry on the ground where Robinson once stole home. EvenNightmare on Elm Streetwas a right-wing commercial: Freddy Krueger is a psycho-killer free to torment children because in life, someone forgot to sign a search warrant and a drunk judge set him free. Thats the ACLU? Ira Glasser is a former director of the American Civil Liberties Union and a lifelong defender of every citizen's right to free speech. These three cases created the constitutional framework that has constrained all campaign finance legislation during the past two decades. If a friend and supporter owned a newspaper, he or she could do so. Organisations by this name have been dedicated to irredentism through Irish republicanism, the belief that all of Ireland should be an independent republic free from British rule.. Limits have proven to be a bogus reform. Mary Lou McDonald's Sinn Fin fielded 42 candidates in Saturday's election, and won 37 seats. However, the film isnt quite so trite or easy. Mighty Ira: Directed by Chris Maltby, Nico Perrino, Aaron Reese. The ACLU was central to what liberalism meant once, and not just because it had a history of pursuing social justice cases likeBrown v. Board of Education(taking on school segregation) andMapp v. Ohio(helping create the exclusionary rule to protect against abusive prosecutions). Ira Saul Glasser (born April 18, 1938) served as the fifth executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) from 1978 to 2001. got blasted fordefending free speech inThe Guardian. But the Court upheld the law's limits on the size of direct contributions to candidates. He presented an image of a Democrat and sixties child who was also a winner. Maher noted how Glasser famously defended the right for a group of neo-Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois, in 1977, asking his guest, Im guessing the Nazis did not reflect your values?. I can make the same argument: that Ira's vote for Biden (which he admitted to) was a vote for drone-bombing Syrian children. My big concern is who makes the decision, what speech is allowable and what is not?. Accessibility | Ira Glasser also fields listener calls about free speech and discusses everything from the First Amendment to our fear of hate speech. The shorthand outlines of that episode are known on Twitter, but the deeply thought-out reasons for the ACLUs actions back then belong to a pre-Internet era. Or if youre for womens equality you see Playboy magazine, and you dont like that., Glasser continued: People used to say to me, Isnt it hard to defend free speech when so few people in this country are in favor of it? And my response was always, No, thats wrong. Lee Camp: How Corporate America Supports Racism, Hatred & Exploitation (in New & Fun Ways! The ACLU defended the Nazis' right to march and won the case on First Amendment grounds, but at a high cost: 30,000 members quit the organization in protest. Thats why we created Mighty Ira to tell the story of one man and a fading generation.. You dont an entrance exam on civil liberties to work in an organization called the American Civil Liberties Union?, The live audience snickered. Maher asked Glasser, Would you like to address him directly?, Glasser sarcastically replied, Well, that might be true for hiring people to work in the Xerox room., Maher laughed and said, Hes not talking about that. The leading social problem in America is the loss of moral coordinates, Buckley says. For example, most newspapers and broadcast stations were supporting Ramsey Clark's opponents and their speech was unlimited by the new law while his ability to respond by buying ads was curbed. Now they have a bigger problem with it than they did in the old days when they were more sophisticated.. The HBO host then targeted what he sees as the problem. If those provisions were to become law today, they, like the statute that led to ACLU v. Jennings, would restrict the rights of citizens to criticize elected officials within 60 days of an election. If the floor is adequate, such additional funds will have only a marginal effect, and any attempt to bar them will create First Amendment problems. Produced by Perrino and two of his FIRE colleagues, Chris Maltby and Aaron Reese, the film was released in October on the occasion of the ACLU centennial, and is now streaming on multiple platforms. As written, for example, the law barred the ACLU from publicly criticizing an elected official during an election year, because such criticism could be construed as affecting the election; therefore the ACLU's expenditures to pay for an ad or to publish a brochure critical of the government could be limited. For the next 23 years, he defended the principle of free speech across the political spectrum. But the problem is there isnt any other ACLU., And if there isnt somebody whos prepared to defend what you say [Glasser pointed at Maher], and prepared to defend what the Nazis say, Glasser warned, then the government gets to decide who can speak.. By Peter Baker , Susan Glasser , Erica Thompson , Leila Philip. The ACLU believes that limitations on contributions or expenditures made by individuals or organizations for the purpose of advocating causes or candidates necessarily impinges directly on freedom of speech and association. I have been involved with this issue for nearly three decades and personally authorized the ACLU's participation in Buckley v. Valeoand also in two important campaign finance cases that immediately preceded Buckley - National Committee on Impeachment v. United Statesand ACLU v. Jennings. Retired since 2001, Glasser tells Nick Gillespie that in an age of cancel culture and wokeness, he's worried not just about the future of free expression but the future of the ACLU, too. As his generation retires from the barricades, Ira reminisces on his life at the forefront of defending the rights of all Americans. However, we support public financing that would establish a floor of support for candidates to communicate with voters. Thats a good guess, Glasser replied, to audience laughter. June 22, 2022; justin jefferson under armour contract; guardala mouthpiece history; ira glasser political party . The ACLU thought this sort of expenditure limitation was a clear violation of the First Amendment, and had no relationship to the legitimate purpose of reducing corruption. Their right to express themselves on political issues has over the years been relentlessly interfered with by the FEC, which has, as a result of campaign reform, gained unprecedented power to regulate, inhibit and harass free speech and protected political activities. That optimism is vanishing, though, and just like Ebbets Field, a generation may grow up now never knowing it was there. Thats a good guess, Glasser replied to laughter in the audience. But a candidate of more modest means is prohibited from accepting more than $1000 from a wealthy supporter. While he did not initiate the. Many schools now drug test students without suspicion as . I had been the Executive Director of the . [2] because they bear a strong resemblance to the provisions regulating issue advocacy that have appeared in some recent versions of legislative proposals. As the leader of the American Civil Liberties Union for 23 years, he transformed the organization from a small, "mom-and-pop" operation on the verge of bankruptcy into a civil liberties juggernaut with offices in every state and a $30 million endowment. But in fact, campaign finance laws have not achieved their goals. An objection to this sort of public financing is that it will be too expensive. Reformers have been willing to tolerate these inequalities and the gross violations of free speech resulting from campaign finance laws because they thought it was important to lower the cost of election campaigns, reduce the influence of special interests and make the electoral system more accessible to challengers. It was eye-opening to see Kinsleys cameo inMighty Ira. Ira Glasser: And this turned out to be my political life in a way that totally fulfilled, I mean totally in an unimaginably terrific way, all of those dreams and ambitions and desires that couldn't be articulated when I was 15 and 16 and 18 and 19, and that no adult could give a vocational shape to because and partly these organizations used to . 1992 - 20019 years. He has the First Amendment right to do so, which no one can dispute, and which federal election laws recognize. Consider this hypothetical. Examinations of many campaigns suggest that if the floor of support is adequate, there is no need to impose a ceiling. That's historically and politically true without exception. The former head of the American Civil Liberties Union has ripped the group for no longer defending all free speech claiming it now cherry-picks cases that fit a new progressive agenda. The Supreme Court ultimately and properly struck down that aspect of the law in Buckley v. Valeo. In both these cases the government argued that barring such ads was necessary to achieve fair elections even though the rights of individuals to criticize their government would be curbed. Even though there were no large contributions to his campaign and therefore no plausible possibility of bribery or corrupt influence, the new law said that after a point, he could speak no more. This was theWest Wingera, which depicted politics as a gang of sanctimonious upper-class pseudo-intellectuals rescuing humanity by huffing their own farts and coming up with genius ideas like slashing Social Security to protect FDRs legacy. The fact that a generation of Obama and Biden officials had their worldviews shaped by that asswipe atrocity of a soap opera (as did media figures like Lawrence ODonnell and longstandingVoxbuddy movie Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias) should tell you everything you need to know about what happened to liberalism during those years. From 1978 until he retired in 2001, Ira Glasser served as the public face of liberal tolerance, in the process giving civil libertarianism a distinctively Jewish appearance, as the film makes clear. You see a Nazi. Nor are we fans of delegating government powers to profit-driven corporations. Glasser wanted viewers to know why he believes the ACLUs step back from defending free speech is dangerous for the preservation of basic constitutional freedoms in the United States. | Publishers Weekly. The Court's split decision created several anomalies. "When people say they want to ban hate speech, what they mean is they want to ban speech that they hate . A theme of the movie is Glasser just talking and talking. We need to get off that road now. "Skokie passed three new laws," Glasser explained in the podcast. Rupert Murdoch owns the New York Postand decides to use his newspaper to campaign for the election of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to the U.S. Senate. The 1978 case was horrifying on its face. Family Tieswas just one sortie in a massive corporate public relations campaign that began in the seventies and eighties, aimed at undoing the cultural hegemony of Glassers brand of liberalism. The Election of 1896. Shows likeCrossfirewere framed as earnest debates, where someone from the right (Pat Buchanan?) 3. He also had the right look and sensibility for TV, helping makeCrossfirea hit by serving as a toothsome, uncomplaining punching bag for Buchanan. From his work with the American Civil Rights movement and later on with the American Civil Liberties Union he perceived, quite rightly in my view, that liberation movements cannot effectively operate without freedom of speech. It carefully explains why all speechincluding "hate speech"-must be protected. 02:01:25. the documentary focuses on the ACLU's involvement in the landmark 1977 U.S. Supreme Court case National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, . Once the law's expenditure limit was reached, he could not spend another dime on leaflets or letters or radio ads, even if thousands of his supporters contributed $5 each to allow him to do so. ACLU free-speech icon Ira Glasser profiled in new film. In that show,the ex-hippie parents desperately trying to hang on to the anti-establishment aesthetic of their youth through bleeding-heart platitudes and goofy facial hair were the squares. This kind of inequality is an unavoidable consequence of the current approach to campaign financing. But if a challenger secures a large contribution to pay for similar mailings to the same constituents, a violation of the law occurs. Susan Griffin. Glasser is an ardent proponent of freedom of speech, even today despite the proliferation of hate speech on social media. Ira Glasser, the ACLUs executive director from 1978 to 2001, bemoaned the group for recently changing its guidelines to limit the rights it fights to uphold.

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